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Fracking Research at UT Austin Withdrawn Following Independent Review

Finally, a major university recognized a major bias in its science. An independent review by science administrators found that the head of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas received money from a firm involved in hydraulic fracturing for shale gas prior to releasing a report on its potential environmental impacts. After the review was recently made public, the paper was finally withdrawn, and the head of the Energy Institute accepted full responsibility and resigned.

Today, public education is under familiar economic pressures to conform to narrow standards and offer subjective knowledge. Interest groups are clamoring to insert their agenda’s into both the classroom and scientific studies. Steps such as those taken by the University of Texas at Austin might serve as a guideline for how ethical issues in our public institutions can be addressed justly without compromising the public’s trust.

From Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth

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Think oil is important? Wait until food and water scarcity dominates headlines.

In a world of diminishing resources, multinational corporations are attempting to monopolize basic human necessities for profit and control. If you think oil is important, just wait until food and water scarcity dominates our headlines

Henry¬†Kissinger’s poignant observation in the 70′s is still very relevant today: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

From Truthout

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