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Infrastructure Spending Produces Big Returns for All Americans

Our public dollars are well spent creating platforms on which private enterprise can prosper. With interest rates at nearly zero, low labor costs, and the construction industry with all its suppliers scrambling for work, we should be pouring stimulus dollars into our schools, roads, and bridges. We should be building a new energy grid and sending wireless technology into every corner of the land. These are the measures that will produce big returns for all Americans.

With the economy recovering slowly and our nation’s roads and bridges crumbling, a new study from the San Francisco Federal Reserve found that making investments into infrastructure has substantial short- and medium-term benefits for the economy. Read their findings here or look below for a quick recap of the study and share your thoughts.

From Business Insider

STUDY: Every $1 Of Infrastructure Spending Boosts The Economy By $2

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Ayn Rand’s Radical Defense of Economic Darwinism

Ayn Rand, the self-proclaimed radical and author of Atlas Shrugged was the ultimate purist, advocating uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism. She perverted Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” into her “virtue of selfishness” and defended an ugly dog-eat-dog economic Darwinism: The masses were servile and insignificant, government was invasive and usually malevolent.

Absolute objectivism, along with the rest of Rand’s arguments, may sway teens—a time when renegade individualism stirs the blood—but time and experience validates the social/political principles envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Adam Smith.

It was back in April when audio of Paul Ryan praising Ayn Rand first gained traction during a debate over the libertarian icon's influence on the conservative congressman. Paul Ryan dismissed the suggestion that he was fixated on the author an "urban legend." National Review ran an article called "Paul Ryan Isn't a Randian" aimed at "refuting the Left’s favorite charge against Paul Ryan." | Andrew Kaczynski, Buzzfeed

From Buzzfeed Politics

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ICYMI: MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner

On today’s Now with Alex Wagner, I join guests Josh Green, Jonathan Capehart, Richard Wolffe, Michael Scherer, and Nicholas Shaxson to discuss exactly what is and what isn’t working for both Obama and Romney leading up to the general election. We also took a look at Biden’s NAACP speech, new developments in the Sandusky case, and the steps being taken to get the economy back on track.

Watch clips from today’s show below!

From Now with Alex

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Why corporate loyalty has gone global, suppressing political support for game-changing public investment in our nation and citizens

There’s a reason why government spending on renewable energy, infrastructure, and critical R&D is needed for domestic economic growth now more than ever. The private sector, driven by short-term profits and easily marketable products, will rarely invest in/develop transformative products until the government creates initial demand (US government bought most microchips, sustaining infant industry, until a market was created) or establishes the platform for such innovation (building a new energy grid to transport renewables, buying enough natural gas/electric vehicles to justify a private investment in refueling stations, etc.).

In his latest post for The New York Times’ Campaign Stops blog, Thomas B. Edsall ’blames’ technology for stagnant job growth (increased productivity, robotics, etc.), but that’s just one contributing factor. In Patriot Acts, I discuss why corporate loyalty has gone global, suppressing political support for game-changing public investment in our nation and our citizens.  The actions needed to spur large-scale, long-term job creation in 21st century America will only occur in partnership with the government (read: the People).

From The New York Times Campaign Stops

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