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Highly Secretive Trade Agreement Designed to Exempt Multinational Corporations from Domestic Law

Leaked documents coming out of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations need greater public exposure before it is too late. Over the past two years, the United States has been meeting behind closed doors with eight Pacific nations, drafting an agreement designed to exempt multinational corporations from legal recourse if they violate domestic laws. If the leaks are anything at all representative of Trans-Pac’s final outcome, this agreement will set a dangerous precedent for government abdication of national interests to global corporatism.

We know that ‘hard to explain’ stories are sometimes ignored by mainstream media, but this could be a major game changer for the future of democratic self-governance, Rule of Law, and the ability of US citizens and political representatives to protect our national sovereignty. If you’re not getting more information on this story from sources you trust, you must demand a thorough investigation into how this dangerous trade agreement will limit our ability to hold foreign corporations accountable for activities on U.S. soil.

EFF created this infographic to capture the most problematic aspects of TPP, and to help users, advocates and innovators from around the world spread the word about how this agreement will impact them and their societies.

From Alternet

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Corporate Profits Reach Highest Percentage of GDP On Record as Total Wages Fall to Record Low

What’s good for corporations is not always good for the country, its people, or the capitalist system we allegedly defend; it’s time we make the distinctions. A little more than two years after the 2008 financial crisis, corporate profits were hitting record highs and our gross domestic product was growing again.

Today, our nation’s fiscal health depends more on increased consumption than on the production of goods and services. But average real wages for most workers have stagnated or fallen over the last thirty-five years, and good jobs are disappearing. Just look at the Commerce Department’s latest GDP report, which shows corporate profits have hit their highest percentage of GDP on record at the same time as total wages have fallen to a record low. Without employment or income, what’s the key to our economic recovery?

The Commerce Department's latest GDP report shows corporate profits have hit their highest percentage of GDP on record at the same time as total wages have fallen to a record low

From CNNMoney

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Our Multinational Fast Food Corporations are Dodging Billions in Taxes

Not only is the overconsumption of fatty, salty, and sugar-laden foods literally killing us, our multinational fast food corporations are dodging billions in taxes; earning enormous profits through franchising fees, then diverting the profits to overseas operations where they can’t be taxed by the U.S.

Consumerism is the mantra; insidious marketing is everywhere. Fast food chains providing cheap food stuffs to Americans who can afford little more ignore both the physical welfare of our citizens and the fiscal health of our country. Read the following articles and share your thoughts.

Fast food companies are dodging billions of dollars in taxes by registering their products as "intellectual property" and by diverting profits offshore. So the next time you're biting into a Big Whopper, know that you're making their headquarters in Switzerland very happy! | Susie Madrak, Crooks and Liars

From Crooks and Liars

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Corporate Lobbying Firm ALEC Now Sponsoring Overtly Political Events with the RSC

The revolving door between Capital Hill, the lobbying sector, and corporate jobs is out of control. Unaccountable corporate lobbyists write laws, draft budgets, and create policies that protect personal and business interests.

As Bill Clinton might say, ‘It takes brass ones’. While claiming tax-exemption as a 501(c)3 charity, the corporate lobbying group ALEC is sponsoring overtly political events with the Republican Study Committee. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the IRS?

"After a long flirtation, the GOP and ALEC are taking steps toward making their relationship official. ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a controversial advocacy group that helps corporations and conservative interest groups write bills to be introduced in state legislatures across the country. ALEC “model legislation” includes rollbacks on environmental and labor regulation, voter ID laws and pro-gun laws, such as the “stand your ground” law that became infamous after the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida earlier this year." Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon

From Salon

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47 donors contribute more than half of the $230 million taken in by super-PACs this year.

With enormous resources and an agenda driven by short-term profits, most plutocratic super-PAC donors are apathetic toward the American public interest. A recent analysis of FEC and Sunlight Foundation data reveals that a mere 47 donors contributed more than half of the $230 million taken in by super-PACs this year, with 1,082 individual donations making up 94% of that total amount.

With corporate takeover of our political campaigns well underway, the only power still capable of opposing ‘USA, Inc.’ is the people themselves — an informed, united citizenry willing to reclaim their country. Where do you stand?

From Mother Jones

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Non-financial corporations hoarding $2 trillion in cash.

IRS data shows non-financial corporations are hoarding $2 trillion in cash, yet they continue to plead with Congress for more cuts and austerity measures on poor and middle-class Americans.

From Reuters

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