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ICYMI: PoliticsNation on April 22


From PoliticsNation

Case builds against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Former prosecutors Catherine Crier and Kelly Currie break down the charages against the 19-year-old accused of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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ICYMI: PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton

When you take anti-choice policies such as Ohio’s heartbeat legislation to their logical extremes, the rhetoric goes way beyond pro-choice or pro-life positions—it endangers the health and welfare of women. We’re not talking about saying “stupid things” (as Bobby Jindal so aptly phrased it), we’re talking about doctors literally allowing women to bleed to death due to fear of prosecution.

On Monday night’s PoliticsNation, I joined Reverend Al Sharpton and Irin Carmon of Salon.com to discuss this and other issues. What are your thoughts on anti-abortion legislation currently being discussed in numerous state legislatures? Watch the following clip from last night and share your thoughts.

Republicans in Ohio are reviving a heartbeat bill that would ban all abortions after 6 weeks. It would be the most restrictive ban on abortion in the US. Journalist Catherine Crier and Irin Carmon of Salon.com talk with Rev. Al Sharpton about why the GOP is pushing abortion bills despite voters' rejection of their platform.

From PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton

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ICYMI: PoliticsNation on MSNBC

Paul Ryan may prove to be a hazardous running mate as the Romney campaign pushes forward on the campaign trail. Working class Republicans – when they really pay attention to the Ryan budget plan – are going to be extremely nervous about the economic possibilities that come with a Romney/Ryan ticket. Conversely, many economic conservatives will find themselves very uncomfortable with some of Ryan’s relatively radical social positions.

On Monday, August 13, I joined Reverend Al Sharpton and Margie Omero on PoliticsNation to discuss the latest feedback on Romney’s choice of running mate. Watch the clip below for a more in-depth analysis of what it is going to take for the Romney campaign to consolidate its base without ostracizing conservatives on the fence.

"As conservative as Rep. Paul Ryan is on budget matters, he is even further to the right on social issues. He co-sponsored a personhood amendment and is against abortion in all situations. Catherine Crier, author of "Patriot Acts: What America Must Do to Save the Republic", and Margie Omero, Democratic Strategist, join PoliticsNation to discuss Ryan's social beliefs." PoliticsNation

From PoliticsNation

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