Mission Statement

My mission is to alter the very framework of the nation’s political dialogue.

Today, our national political conversation is based on a litany of false assumptions, historical inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions about the real nature of the American Republic. It is critical that Americans understand the true nature of our political system and how this has been interpreted and manipulated over time, by both conservatives and liberals, leading directly to this pivotal moment in our history.

In Patriot Acts—What Americans Must Do to Save the Republic, I present a non-ideological examination of the political philosophies that have shaped this nation: How both conservative and liberal positions have evolved, what each party has advocated over the years and why, and how these policies have affected individuals, the nation and our system of government–the economy, national security, health care, education, immigration and much more. Critically, I also demonstrate how modern politicians are betraying the founding principles, constitutional system and economic capitalism that all Americans, left and right, profess to defend.

America is in the eye of a perfect storm that threatens to destroy our system of government. We could soon fulfill John Adams’s dire prophecy, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.“ We must recognize the difference between honest political debate and the partisan rhetoric and prescriptions that distort or upend our Constitutional democracy. Without a committed and informed electorate, there will be no one left to man the barricades and save this extraordinary Republic.

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